Regaining Privacy

More and more we must hand over our privacy in order to make corporate money flow. The social networks need to make money, they want to give the service to its users for free. That’s why they (have to) get money from advertising businesses and sell the data that users of the network have put in. But that is a conflict of interest… We think a user is willing to pay a bit for private networking. promises a PRIVATE network, because every user pays 1 euro a year. This will pay all the costs of maintenance, growth and innovation without commercial businesses taking over our private lifelines. is paid by (and therefore ruled by) its users!

To make a headstart 2015 is free!! No charges for you, we only ask you to share your partivita experience with your friends to make us grow.. share it on instagram, facebook, snapchat etc! make a change!

Epic opportunity

It takes a crowd to network and it takes a crowd for funding the network. Partivita (latin for sharing- life, or as we prefer to translate; life is a party) will be organized as a normal company with stakeholders. The costs of operating Partivita will be funded by its users. To get started we need to raise some cash. Fundraising started at 1th January 2015, the founding partners who will participate within the first 3 months (January, February, March 2015) will become stakeholders of Partivita!

Up to maximum 40% of the total stocks of will be assigned to the founding funders who invested 100 euro or more (all investments are nonrefundable).

Apps available soon!

We are now building the apps for your smartphone, to get online very easy, and so you can surf the private social network everywhere; will make the change in 2015!

Let us be a game changer!

Join now as an investor, and grow with us. Send your investment proposition for a private network per email to, subject; investor

In 2015, join as a user, and we will guarantee to respect your privacy and provide an add free network, we will not sell your online behaviour or your data!

Share this message on your timelines and with your friends, together we can make the change!!

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